Rwanda honey exhibited in ApiExpo Africa in Abuja

Rwanda honey exhibited in ApiExpo Africa in Abuja

Three honey business companies from Rwanda (Apiary, ABDC, Voice of Calling) have participated in the 6th ‘All-Africa International Honey Exposition’ dubbed ApiExpo Africa 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria. This event that was launched today will run up to 29th September 2018 under the theme “Beekeeping Industry for Sustainable Development, Wealth Creation and Economic Diversification.”

ApiExpo Africa 2018 has attracted about 5,000 continental and global level researchers, policy makers, honey trade support networks (private, public, NGOs) and other stakeholders to discuss and share knowledge on how trade and business related approaches can promote apiculture through the empowerment of African beekeepers.

Participants from Rwanda in this ApiExpo represent members of the Rwanda Apiculture Multi-stakeholders Platform (RAMP) and their attendance is aiming at showcasing and demonstrating the relevancy of the honeybee industry in Rwanda to human livelihood.

Shema Aimable, the representative of National Agricultural Export Development Board at the event said that the platform will be an occasion for Rwandan companies there present to learn from their peers from across the world who attended the event. “There are several companies that have advanced technologies in beekeeping and this function comprises conferences, exhibitions, B2B meetings, training workshops and technical tours. We shall explore opportunities and learn how challenges can be addressed in the honey sector so that we can take Rwandan apiculture to another level.” Shema said.

Beekeeping has been practiced for many years through successive generations and along inherited patterns in many African countries but mainly as a hobby or on subsistence level where honey, the main product, was being used as a food product, medicine and for brewing traditional liquor. ApiExpo Africa is intended to change this status quo as the international markets for bee products especially honey are still far from being satisfied.

ApiExpo is a continental trade Expo organised by ApiTrade Africa, a pan-African not-for profit organisation which works in all the 55 African Union Member States. The event is held biennially in different African countries bringing together every allied industry around the global beekeeping sector. The previous one was hosted by Rwanda in September 2016. It is evident that the event has availed new skills, knowledge and technologies used in value addition and bee-keeping to Rwandan beekeepers; improved global market linkages for bee products’ suppliers from Africa and has promoted bee-keeping as a source of employment creation and household income.

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